Increase the value of your biosimilar!

Thanks to Amply™ technology and high throughput screening, selecting clones producing the most effective antibodies is now possible in AmplyCell's labs !

In addition to optimizing the amount of antibody produced, Amply™ Technology can help you producing antibodies with optimal performance and thus increase the value of your biologics. 


Glycosylation patterns have significant effects on the functionality of your antibodies.


Do you know that the addition of galactose residues alters molecule conformations and increases CDC activity (complement-dependent cytotoxicity) ? Are you aware that a surplus of mannose residues can cause undesirable immunogenicity responses ?


The absence of fucose residues radically improve ADCC activity (Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity) whereas the addition of sialic acids affects absorption, serum half-life and metabolic clearance as well as the physical and chemical properties (solubility, resistance to proteolysis) of proteins.


In terms of biosimilars, Amplycell can select the clones and the appropriate conditions to obtain an identical glycosylation profile compared to the original drug.



Contact us in order to request for the most suitable option for your biosimilar program :

  • Screening of transfected pool and selection of the best glycosylation profile
  • Application of Amply™ Technology to improve gylcosylation pattern
  • Improvement of cell cultures conditions to selectively produce only mAbs with optimal performance