Timelines for Cell Line optimization

When to apply Amply™ technology

Cell line optimization is applied either at the earliest stage of line use or at later stage. To prevent our partners from having to go through revalidation processes on an already existing MCB (Master Cell Bank), stimulations may be applied to a pool of transfected clones or to a stable clone, which then becomes the basis for creating a RCB (Research Cell Bank) or a DCB (Development Cell Bank).


Ideal for difficult-to-express proteinsNew Biological Entities, Amply™ Technology allows you to successfully complete projects with high titer and stable clones, producing either monoclonal antibodies or recombinant protein for clinical purpose.


Another of AmplyCell's performing segment is the one of biosimilars and biobetters, providing our partners with major cost savings in an increasingly competitive market. 

A 4 phases activation process of your cell line

Amply™ Technology is very well adapted to various cell lines as CHO, hybridomas, HEK293 and plant cells .


Amply™ Technology for cell line optimization consists of four steps that will be applied after reception and cells thawing :

  1. Diagnostic phase : "medical" check-up of your cells, observations, subcloning, non-contamination tests, productivity estimation, membrane biomarkers validation.
  2. Stimulation phase : set-up stimulation, parameters adaptations, reactions adaptations, optimization.
  3. Recovery phase : cell isolation, daily observations, qualitative selection of approximately thirty clones.
  4. Studies phase : qualitative and quantitative calculations correlated to biomarkers, allows to select the best possible clones that are predisposed to a better stability and productivity.

At the end of this process, the best five high-producer and stable clones are frozen and sent back to you so that you can directly use them for bioproduction. 


Cell line optimization process takes an average three months regarding to cells reaction to treatments and their growth rate.


At AmplyCell, we commit ourselves to put the best efforts and know-how to realize an efficient and high-quality work. Each phase corresponds to a Go / No Go decision whose results are validated together before moving up to next step. So far, we have had 100% success rate on the projects we have led.