Increasing productivity while maintaining quality of your biomolecule

AmplyCell has demonstrated that the biomolecule similarity is preserved following Amply™ Technology application.

Both Mass Spectrometry and Infra-red glycans analysis reveal that sugar composition stay identical for the biomolecule, either produced by original and Amply™-clones.


According to your wish, you can also pick up a clone that produce slightly different glycosylation profile for immunogenicity optimisation. 


Note that in any bioproduction work, it is very common to see post-translation modifications to different batches dependent on a reactor’s volume and the culture conditions applied. It is also the moment when USP (Upstream Processing) experts bring their entire know-how to bear, varying the feeding conditions in order to regain the desired glycan profile for your biomolecule.


When developing biosimilars, the rate of variants in the glycosylation profile of the initial molecule has to be checked, with care being taken not to exceed acceptance thresholds on the biomolecule under development.