Unique cell line optimization process

To produce your recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies easier, quicker and cheaper

AmplyCell provides cell line optimization services that aim to increase and stabilize the productivity of your original cell line, for recombinant protein production.

Regarding your expectations, our Amply™ technology will be applied to your specific clone or pool, in order to :

  • reach titer up to several grams per liter
  • maintain high quality of your product
  • get a process that is scalable to large scale bioreactors
  • select the highest producers clones that is stable at least 70-80 generations
  • control physiology and metabolic activity of the cells


AmplyCell's Amply™ technology for cell line optimization is a solution that can be thought as a natural treatment avoiding cell culture media change, searching for cell culture parameters, or the use of gene-altering elements. Part of AmplyCell's know-how, the Amply™ technology that increase cell productivity is safe for the cells and makes no use of irradiation (UV, gamma, X-ray) or viruses or antimetabolite treatment (e.g. methotrexate). Moreover, Amply™ technology does not make use of recombination technologies to change DNA structure of the genome or the insert. Amplycell's proprietary know-how is based on a succession of physical stimulation leading to improved cell metabolism and respiratory parameters required for achieving high and sustainable expression of the protein of interest. Dozens of high-producer clones result from this stimulation process.


Sub-cloning step is performed during the cell optimization process in order to ensure monoclonality of the best clones.


Several advantages come out of cell line optimization :

  • The production costs of your recombinant protein may drastically decrease thanks to the cells productivity increase. 
  • A high stability for the superproducing cells gives you the chance to cultivate them for a longer time and to produce more antibodies. Risks that are linked to a stop of secretion are reduced.
  • Economies of scales and downstream processing become easier. 
  • Cell line optimization enables you to value interesting cells discarded as poor producers. By giving those cells a commercial value, you can access new markets, or extend your portfolio.
  • Cell lines (CHO cell linehybridoma, HEK293, ...) can be optimized at any stage of cell line development or bioproduction (clone creation, RCB/DCB, MCB).
  • No change in your culture habits is required after cell line optimization, because best cells can be cultured the same way as it is for the original cells.