BIOWIN is the health competitiveness cluster of Wallonia (Belgium), and its mission is to bring together stakeholders participating in innovative projects and/or skills development in the fields of health biotechnology and medical technologies. The research and development supported by the cluster covers all healthcare-related fields.

The Groupe Interdisciplinaire de Genoproteomique Appliquée is located in the heart of the University of Liege (Belgium) and physically part of the Liege CHU. GIGA is a major R&D cluster for activities in the biotech area.



ImmunoDiagnostic Systems is dedicated to the development and provision of innovative immunoassays and automated immunoanalyser technologies for use in clinical and research laboratories worldwide. The company enjoys a dominant position in the provision of immunoassay kits for the determination of Vitamin D (both 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D, and 1,25-Dihybroxy Vitamin D).

Ipratech is a company dedicated to cell culture technologies, including more than 20 years of expertise gained with 4CBiotech and CILBiotech. The company is a source of expertise and process solution sor mAbs and recombinant protein production.  

Spectralys Biotech is a specialized research platform leveraging 10+ years of distinctive expertise in infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). They provide innovative analytical services, as well as validated methods and tools for structural assessment and quantification of therapeutic proteins and mAbs. 

SynAbs's expertise is focused on rat monoclonal antibodies, in both CRO services (mAb immunoassays and processing) and catalogue products (more than a hundred secondary anti- immunoglobulins).  Its expertise in rat mAb is practically unique in the world and provides access to a differentiated antigenic repertoire.

Texcell is a Contract service organization, that has been providing since 1987 viral Biosafety and in vitro Immunology services to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Evry, France, Texcell is also present in Frederick (MD), USA; in Taipei, Taiwan; and in Gronau, Germany. Texcell has adopted recently new capabilities, including in vivo Immunology, Toxicology, Immunotoxicity, as well as a brand new, cutting-edge GMP Cell Banking facility.

Univercells is a company developing innovative biomanufacturing technologies aimed at significantly reducing the cost of producing vaccines and therapeutic antibodies, thereby making them accessible to many more people. The company is already active in partnerships with emerging economies to enable them to develop the local production of essential drugs (paediatric pandemic vaccines, cancer treatments or against rheumatoid arthritis).