AmplyCell Board

Didier Argentin


In 2002, Didier was hired as Sales Manager by 4Cbiotech, a Belgian cGMP CMO specialized in mAbs and recombinant proteins bioproduction, which was acquired one year later by Henogen, acting in the same field. After having created and lead a logistics & production team, he headed the purchase and business development departments at Henogen until August 2010; afterwards he cofounded MaSTherCell, a CMO dedicated to cell therapy products. Didier Argentin is CEO of SynAbs, entity specialized into generation of monoclonal antibodies by rat hybridoma for IVD market.


Alexandre Franco


Alexandre is a serial entrepreneur. After having acted as a consultant then a senior trader in equity derivatives, Alexandre founded OTC. Listed on Euronext market in 2006, OTC received the best Euronext performer award in 2007 and achieved a market capitalization of €50 millions. OTC was then sold to a major Dutch trading group in 2009. After that, Alexandre founded FK Immo, a real estate development company with focus on reallocation of spaces and improvements of existing buildings. The company was sold in 2013. Today, Alexandre is CEO of F2 Invest and Alpha Capital.


Jean-Michel Cloes


Professor of biochemistry, passionate by research, Jean-Michel is a specialist in the field of monoclonal antibodies and hybridomas, which he studied for over 20 years. He has consulted for Immunodiagnostic Systems SA and presented the results of his research in various publications and patents. It is the origin of the idea behind the project Amplycell, bringing her great scientific expertise.



Eric Dieu


Eric is a business oriented CFO with international exposure and successful experience in providing leadership for the creation of shareholder value through the development and execution of growth strategies. After having played key strategic financing roles at Pfizer and Boston Scientific, he became VP Finance at Avent, an IT firm, where he performed ten acquisitions and integration for a global revenue of 2 Billions euros.

Since then, Eric has become an active business angel interested in technological start up.

Guy Dauwe


Guy is the current CEO of Amer-Sil, membrane technology company, after getting involved into the business development and marketing aspects of the entity and having realized a management buy-out. Previously, Guy has been involved into automotive industry, working for TRW and Delphi Automotive Systems, at diverse management positions.


WBC Incubator


The incubator was created in 2006 in the form of a limited company with a capital of € 2.5 million contributed by three shareholders, who are Sofipôle, Meusinvest and Sambrinvest. The role of the incubator is to develop innovative, competitive and sustainable companies in the field of Life Sciences in Wallonia. WBC Incubator helps with the structuring and development of scientific and technological projects thanks to a set of generic and specific support tools that cover the priority aspects of management, financing and the stages of prototyping, production and commercialisation.



Benoît Ligot


Benoît is a highly experienced business developer with more than 20 years of international marketing and extensive international sales management. After being project leader for IRE Medgenix and sales director for Byk Sangek, Benoît joins Radim.

Following Radim acquisition, ZenTech was founded in 2001 by a management buy-out, the first step of Benoît as a business angel.

Thierry Leclipteux


Thierry is founder and CEO of Coris Bioconcept, a fast growing diagnostic company. Started in 1997 with three products, the entire range reaches now more than 25 products, all developed internally and available in different formats ranging from dipstick to cassettes and with different technologies from immunoassays to RT-PCR and RT-qPCR. Coris BioConcept is present in 80 countries in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania.




Meusinvest is involved in the financial support of projects of regional interest, which are also for SMEs and the Liege economy. In fact, the various group subsidiaries of Meusinvest support and provide companies with appropriate financial support, either in capital, loan or lease for the creation and growth of businesses. Dated June 2012, total Meusinvest group interventions were beyond 150M€.