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Major progresses have been achieved but this level of expression is still not systematically reached. Cell line engineering was previously about promoters engineering, bioreactor feeding, and cell culture media optimization, but we have now reached the limits of those methods.

At Amplycell, we have developed a technology that enables to achieve high expression levels by unique approache. It consists in taking an existing producer clone and in applying a serie of environmental stress conditions in order to direct accelerated cell evolution. Those stimulations significantly (several fold) increase expression level, followed by phenotypic selection of high-producers.

Because we’re deeply conviced that there is nothing more important than providing solutions that make biologics affordable for all.

We allow our customers to focus on what really matters within their company, by supporting a quicker and easier production enabling them to divide by up to five-fold their recombinant protein production costs.

Sometimes you just need a coach to get the best of yourself. Just revealing your true cell potential.

Thanks to our cell fitness technology



Our service consists of 4 phases to optimize your cell lines


Monitoring and tests
Exponential growth phase
Biomarkers identification


of best boosting conditions
Treatments and cells' selections


clones selection


Quantitative tests
growth rate
Biomarkers screening



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